Change Management Musings – Part 1

Welcome to this Change Management blog. We expect to engage in an open and honest discourse concerning change management, its science and its art. To be frank, I am but a student of the topic, even though I have been attempting change management over many many years. You, the reader and fellow students, practitioners and experts are encouraged to challenge and improve on these entries.

For our purposes, the topic is Organizational Change Management. Personal Change Management, will be viewed as a subset of the primary definition. Many chroniclers seem to migrate towards a definition that suggests the philosophy and work effort to transition individuals and organizations from a current state to a future state. Some modify the definition to suggest an end state, instead of a future state. With the current pace of change, and appreciating what my organization has been going through the past several years, I would posit that the end state is illusory, a utopia that the current condition and likely future do not support. We seem to be in a perpetual change mode, migrating from one current state to another in an organized but chaotic process.

In the next blog entry we will begin to explore the aspect of change stimuli, but in the mean time, please offer your thoughts as to a common definition of change management that can be used by all of us practitioners and students alike, so that we begin from a common understanding.

I hope that you will participate by offering encouragement when you want more, providing open feedback when you think the suggestions are off-base, and generally helping us move the art and science of change management forward.

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